On May 10, 2017, DHPC has been awarded the ARMY SBIR Phase II contract titled “Laser-Based Wireless Power Transfer”. 

The objective of this SBIR Phase II is to develop an advanced and safe laser-based wireless power transmission (LBWPT) system capable of beaming laser power over up to several kilometers to a moving platform from ground, fixed or mobile platforms, or from a moving platform to ground. The developed system will be highly reliable and affordable, with additional emphasis on high efficiency and low SWaPC.

Successful development of the LBWPT system will be able to significantly extend the operational availability of a variety of autonomously operating devices and sensors for military and commercial applications, including robotic systems, unmanned aerial systems (UASs), surveillance systems, devices for remote chemical and biological detection, as well as free-space communications systems. Our innovative development will also reduce warfighters exposure to enemy forces, as well as reduce the risk of uncovering the locations of emplaced powered devices and sensors. LBWPT development may also reduce the on-board battery weight of electrically powered systems, resulting in increased useful payload. In addition, the LBWPT system will provide a unique capability of remotely supplying power to contaminated sites or inaccessible areas that pose a significant personnel threat, such as nuclear power stations and chemical plants destroyed by natural disasters, such as earthquakes or tsunami, or by actions of terrorists or enemy forces.

DHPC will build a prototype system capable of establishing and maintaining power transfer to a moving receiver.

The system’s overall DC source to DC conversion efficiency is expected to reach 20% or better.