SEPTEMBER 20, 1935 – APRIL 9, 2012

Mr. Pollock founded David H. Pollock Consultants, Inc., which is now DHPC Technologies, Inc., in January 1992 in order to support the decision process of the warfighter through the collection, integration, and dissemination of information, intelligence, and data. Since the time of DHPC’s founding, he diligently worked to build a company that provides valued consulting support to the U.S. Army and other DoD entities in the areas of warning and countermeasure systems by conducting technology and risk assessments and performance analyses. He conceived and implemented the development of several advanced government laboratories and programs, and provided countless risk assessments, test plans, design evaluations and verifications. After serving as President/CEO for eighteen years, Mr. Pollock took on the role of Chairman of the Board in January 2011– a position he held until his death.

Prior to founding DHPC Technologies, Mr. Pollock was employed with ITT Technologies, where he was department manager responsible for the development of a variety of sensor developments and countermeasures. Mr. Pollock is widely regarded as a pioneer in the area of sensor technology and authored over 25 publications in the field. He served as editor of the Countermeasures Volume of the EO/IR Systems Design Handbook and was a chief concept designer of one of the first broad beam, incoherent arc lamp-based infra-red countermeasures. In 1967, he was awarded a patent for a cesium arc source, the design of which is still the basis for lamps currently in production.

Mr. Pollock received a Bachelor of Art in Physics from the University of California at Los Angeles, and a Master of Science in Physics from California State University.