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Since our founding in 1992, DHPC Technologies has provided significant services and innovative solutions to our Government customers. The late Dave Pollock, the founder of DHPC, was a renowned engineer and scientist in the field of InfraRed Countermeasures. We retain that identity, continuing to provide survivability and countermeasure solutions in support of both air and ground weapon platforms across the military services. DHPC also provides services and solutions across other technology domains and service areas. DHPC delivers the breadth of expertise and specialized skills necessary to ensure responsive, high-quality support. Through years of experience, we have attained and maintain a thorough understanding of our customers’ mission and technology focus, needs and requirements. In response to these demands, DHPC provides the requisite engineering, technical services, and program management skills to deliver best value services and solutions. Regardless of the technology or specific science, we are committed to providing innovative and enduring solutions.

Spanning a Wide-Range of Technology and Science, We Remain Focused on Providing Innovative Technology Centric Solutions

DHPC’s team is largely comprised of industry leaders in engineering solutions for laser design and application, electronics and technology forensics, countermeasure system testing and verification, specialized Counter-IED techniques and systems, and high-tech laboratory design and operation. The efforts we undertake are in pursuit of achieving solutions for challenges that have never before been realized.

Our business is driven by our talented team – through inventive, creative and collaborative thought – they derive practical solutions. It is because of DHPC’s values, our corporate culture and our staff’s commitment to excellence that our customers turn to DHPC when searching for solutions to challenging technical problems.

DHPC Technologies leans forward. We have built the business by cultivating ideas, refining an approach, and then presenting the concepts and designs to customers who are open to innovative and novel slants and methods. Mr. Pollock’s belief was that DHPC’s customers, teammates, and staff will be successful as long as DHPC remains true to its technological roots and continues to evolve its expertise to meet the challenges that lie ahead.