Since our founding in 1992, DHPC Technologies has been devoted to supporting our national security with multi-discipline engineering solutions, technology assessment, modeling & simulation, software development and systems engineering expertise. With sustained growth over the past 20 years, we now have office locations in Woodbridge NJ, Aberdeen MD, and Huntsville, AL. We have a highly qualified, diverse staff working in a dynamic and challenging environment, and we offer a highly competitive salary and benefits package.

To review our current openings for your career at DHPC Technologies click here. All candidates must be able to obtain and maintain a U.S. Government Security Clearance, which must be applied for and granted as a condition of continued employment. Some requirements for a Security Clearance include (but are not limited to) sole US Citizenship, no recent convictions for any type of illegal substance abuse or distribution, and an absence of any felony convictions or criminal record. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our Recruiting department for assistance.


In our desire to attract and hire the best candidates to join our team, DHPC is proud to announce an External Referral Incentive Program which provides a $3,000.00 incentive to external referrers for the successful hire of qualified candidates.


Referral incentive is paid in two portions – after the new hire’s first 90 days of active employment with DHPC and then after the new hire’s 180 days of active employment. Your referral must remain actively employed with DHPC for 90 days to receive half of the incentive ($1,500.00) and then for 180 days to receive the remaining balance ($1,500.00).

  • An external referrer is someone who is not an employee of DHPC. Should an external referrer become a DHPC employee after the referral/application is submitted, the referrer continues to be eligible under these same terms.
  • Your referral must be a full-time hire. Interns, part-time, or contract consultants/employees do not qualify.
  • Incentives are paid for each candidate that is referred and successfully hired pursuant to the terms of this program.
  • To be eligible, all candidates must be referred by 12/31/2017, and referred candidates must be hired within one year of the date of resume submittal.
  • If a candidate applies more than once, the referrer listed on the first application will receive the incentive, regardless of the position filled.
  • Referrers must be named at the time of application. Referrers identified after the application is submitted are not eligible.
  • Applicants who applied to DHPC prior to 03/15/2016 are not eligible.

How it Works:

  • Request the applicant/candidate apply via DHPC’s on-line “Careers” portal.  (
  • After selecting the open position and clicking “APPLY”, the applicant is prompted to upload a resume. After this step, in the “Your Information” screen, advise the applicant to enter the referring individual’s name in the “Referred by” box immediately before “Work Experience”.
  • If the applicant is successfully hired, he/she will provide DHPC with the referrer’s contact information for notification purposes.
  • At the end of the new hire’s first 90 calendar days of employment, DHPC will provide the referrer an IRS Form W-9 to complete and return. Within 15 business days of receipt of a completed Form W-9, DHPC will issue a check in the amount of $1,500.00. When the new hire completes 180 calendar days of employment, DHPC will issue a check for the remaining balance.
  • DHPC will not withhold Federal taxes, however, the incentive payment is taxable. You will receive a Form 1099 for tax reporting purposes.

DHPC Technologies is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.