DHPC Technologies is a proud supporter of students looking to expand their hands-on training in the workforce. Whether it be a summer internship or a Cooperative Education Program with a nearby college, DHPC is honored to play a part in investing in one’s future.

DHPC provides internship programs that establish career foundations, real world experience, and are excellent resume builders.

Our internship opportunities range from Software Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Technicians to Finance Analysts and Social Media Specialists.

DHPC understands that the future depends on our next generation(s) and we are proud to play a key role in guiding them into the future.


This internship taught me a lot about corporate etiquette and how to behave in an office environment.  I had not had any previous experience within an office space like this or around business professionals in such a setting. Being able to experience the “real world” before actually joining it has made me feel prepared and ready for my next steps in life. I have learned a great deal about the DoD contracting world and that there are more options within the working industry than just commercial businesses. I am now aware that I have an abundance of options when it comes to choosing a career path. In addition to that, I was able to have creative freedom in my role and the opportunity to create a social media existence for the company. Having that type of responsibility made me feel important and that my opinion was valued and backed up by the individuals I was working under.  I was able to create my own projects and weekly posts in order to boost our media presence and was met with support and encouragement from my coworkers.

-Amber Gundlah, Social Media Specialist Intern

Working for DHPC has provided me with the perfect experience needed before stepping foot in the real world. My role as an intern in the accounting department has helped me to enhance skills such as responsibility, time management, and communication. After learning the ropes of the job, I was able to create a structure within the position that worked for me. One of the most valuable aspects of working for DHPC is the freedom the interns have to build their own role within the company that enhances not only their department, but also themselves. What I loved most about my daily tasks was how much they related to my studies in school. I was able to use skills learned in the office to help me in the classroom and knowledge from my classes to create more efficient work routines. This was all possible with the encouragement from my supervisors to make the most out of my time here and create a voice for myself within the company. My experience at DHPC is something I will always remember because it has boosted my career path and helped me to excel within my area of study.

-Erica Salmins, Finance Intern